I’ll never forget our time
The falling sand fades from our eyes
You meant more than the air I breathe
What went wrong why did I not believe

Can you feel my heart beat
What we had was real not a fantasy
When you see my heart bleed
Remember how much I cared
Then watch me disappear

In stone I carved the memories
Upon the stars I begged for a sign
My heart unstrung the moment I left
The pain we felt I will never forget

If you want take the night
I will still have the day
If you can catch the swan
The crow is all I need
If you must take my faith
Burn all innocence
But never again
Take my love away from me

Can you hear my whisper
Can you kiss my eyes so that I can show you
How the leaf begs for sunlight
But shadows kiss your weak heart
And leaves it so

I never wrote the song that you deserved
Inner demons lust betrayed my fragile heart
As black wings guard the lifeless flame

Remember that you are always mine